How to create your own at home bar

Rethink empty nooks and corners with your very own at home bar. Combining our collection of unique bar stools, counter accessories, and glassware fits any kitchen space or style. 

Whether you need a space-saving dining corner or want to break up the kitchen with a dazzling cocktail island, A kitchen bar is a perfect way to utilise an underused space and make the most out of your kitchen. Follow our at home bar buying guide and make a bespoke home now starting with the kitchen.

How to choose your barstool

One of the main benefits of using bar stools is that they take less space than traditional dining chairs and can be paired with counters, kitchen islands or a dining table. How many bar stools you choose will be dependent not only on the household, but more importantly the size of your space.

A bar that is too big might take up too much space and overpower the rest of the kitchen, whilst a too small of a bar might look like an afterthought. 

Consider these three elements: 

  • Where would the breakfast bar be best positioned? 
  • What should the breakfast bar be facing?
  • Are there any functional requirements?

How to find a barstool that fits any space

Another crucial factor is sizing, as you want your bar stools to fit the table or countertops comfortably giving you enough leg space and the countertops.

A standard kitchen workout is around 600 mm deep or 620 if you have an overhang, you will want to add around 300 mm to the depth of the bar stools, like our Grey Velvet Orb Bar Stools or our Studded Hevea Bar Stools.

Opt for shorter bar stools to tuck them under the tables or counters to maximise your floor space and a neater appearance. Consider adjustable bar stools like our Riva Bar Stools or our compact Beechwood Bar Stool that slides right the counters.

How to find a barstool for any occasion

With our hectic lifestyles made of long working days, school seasons and regular errands; use your kitchen bar to soak up those rare undisturbed mornings with a breakfast nook to get you set before a busy day.

Start your cosy nook with our rustic Acacia Wood Bar Stool that warms up the room, and indulge in a cuppa with our set of Double Walled Mugs and make a hotel style juice station with our Nantucket Drink Dispenser for the little ones. 


Unwind on the weekend and make a sultry bar lounge and entertain guests with a buffet station and tasty cocktails. Go for a metallic look and serve appetisers with our Black Metal Tier Stand, display wine and cool down with our Agatha Stainless Steel Wine Coolers and serve cocktails with a hint of Art Deco with our Silver Tumblers.

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