Discover Art Deco and the art of entertainment: 5 core elements to create an art deco inspired living room

Bold, glamorous, extravagant - evoke opulence into your home with motifs and jewels from the glitz and glamour of one of the most timeless and sleek interior trends: Art Deco

The Great Gatsby-esque style of Art Deco was popularised in the 1920s as a celebration of exuberance and the finest craftsmanship using unique pieces that creates a custom expression. The key elements central to this interior style are deep colours and exclusive materials like marble, wood and lacquer materials, and attention to fine details like ornate geometric patterns of chevron, sunburst designs and metallic lines. 
Out of love for interiors, we compiled our list of our best selling Art Deco homeware to personalised recommendations for the confident designer wanting to entertain guests with bold and decadent furniture to home decorators looking to add modern touches of 1920s elegance into their home.
1. Incorporate Geometric patterns
One of the most central and recognisable trends of art deco is the use of geometric patterns. Most notable is the use of large prints with repeated or combined patterns of squares, triangles and circles that gives a futuristic and modern feeling. 
Shabby Art Deco Living Room
Shabby Art Deco Geometric Furniture
2. Bold's and Bright's

Another essential feature is the use of rich dazzling colours like deep teal and emerald green, cobalt blues, and pink blushy flamingo hues. These vivid colours were used in combination with each other and other colours as a sign of prosperity and a flamboyant expression.
Shabby Art Deco Bold Coloured Living Room
Shabby Bold Colour Furniture
3. Metallic accents

Lavish metallic like golds, silver and bronze tones add interest and texture. From warmer tones of bronze and brass that gives a hint of Old Hollywood glamour to cooler tones of silver and muted gold that will give a modern and cleaner impression.

Shabby Art Deco Metallic Furniture

Shabby Art Deco Metallic Furniture

4. Mix & Match

The peak of the Art Deco period favoured using an eclectic of exclusive materials as a status symbol combining delicate marbles with concrete, plated glass, precious crystals, glitter and more. Using several of these elements combines a high contrast and elevates the overall impression of your space.

 Shabby Art Deco Mix & Match

 Shabby Art Deco Mix & Match Furniture

5. Invest in a bar cart

A bart cart, also known as a drink trolley, is an iconic statement piece made for the art of entertaining. Popularised during prohibition, break all the rules and create your very own at home bar. Not only do they shine as sophisticated statement furniture, but are the perfect way to store and display your favourite cocktail glasses for any dinner party. 

 Shabby Art Deco Bar Trolley

Shabby Art Deco Bar Trolleys

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