Why Drinks Trolleys Are A Summertime Essential

From a virgin mojito to a margarita, a drinks trolley adds a special something to your home when it comes to relaxing and hosting friends. 

They’re elegant and opulent - a true statement piece that helps your home seem inviting and a place guests are always welcome.

Not convinced yet? Well read on and see why we’re obsessed with them in our homes this season, and our best drink trolley styles to incorporate in your interior.

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 As you can expect, a drinks trolley is a perfect hosting party piece. It displays your drinks to your guests so they can either help themselves or decide what tipple they’ll enjoy. 

The ease of a drinks trolley means they’re on wheels - so you can use them around your house wherever the hosting is taking place. Dinner party? Bring it to the dining room. Barbeque? Take it into the garden. A simple opulent addition to your home can add that extra twist to a party that can elevate it from good to great.

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 Vintage Interiors

Although opulent and excessive in practice, it feeds into the mid-century modern concept of it being ultimately practical. It is not an essential in your home, but it serves a purpose. 

Popular in the 1940s and 50s, they are crafted with sleek lines to be kitsch and command a room. Amplify the vintage charm of a drinks trolley by using it to display 40s style coupes or faceted glasses. 

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Why Wait Mentality

After the years of covid, the interior style and behaviours are being heavily influenced. People are revelling in the hosting they can now enjoy with their family and friends and a ‘why wait’ attitude us taking over - which is shown in the resurgence of drinks trolleys.

Hosting is in, and we want all the trimmings. Including a stocked drinks trolley to ensure we have all we need to have the best evening.


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Our Top Drinks Trolleys

So, you’re convinced you now need a drinks trolley to adorn your home, but which one is the style for you? Read on to find our top three pieces.

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Marbled Gold

Lean into the opulence of a drinks trolley and opt for gold and gilded to add that extra level of sophistication. We love this marbled gold number.

The two tiered design means you have more room to stock a variety of mixers and spirits, plus even glasses and garnishes.

The round shape is very on trend, with softer lines and curves being seen in interiors recently versus harsher corners and square shapes.

Lustrous Silver

You might want something that has a bit more of a contemporary feel, which is where this silver acrylic trolley comes in. 


The mirrored shelving helps to amplify the spirits you’ll stock on the trolley. Opt for mixing in bright colours in there like aperol or curacao to create more of a statement piece with your drinks trolley. 

If you’re less of a drinker, you can even turn this into a serving piece for afternoon tea to take your hosting to the next level.

Art Deco Bronze

Showcase this distinctive vintage home accessory by leaning into an art deco style like this Vesuvius Bronze drinks trolley with two toughened glass shelves.


The roaring 20s was the start of the art deco trend, and saw the popularity of cocktails explode through the prohibition era. So it only makes sense that the two styles go hand in hand with an art deco drinks trolley.

Art Deco is back, and we're going to see it even more in the coming months. So get a little slice of it in your front room with this statement style.

So will you be adding a drinks trolley to your interior? Browse our full range below.

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