Update Your Home With Summer Hues

Update Your Home With Summer Hues

Warmer temperatures are on the horizon, and with it we’re looking to brighten up our interior spaces. The easiest way to do this? Bringing in summer hues to add an invigorated sense to your home for the new season.

This can be done from redecorating completely or even adding a few bits here and there that help to bring the space back into the summer months.

Here are a few of our favourite ways to do just this.

Bring In Warm Hues

It may seem obvious, but the difference it makes by bringing in warming hues to a space is significant. Think colours like red, pink and oranges to bring an instant mediterranean warmth to a space.

The warm side of the colour wheel are all colours that psychologically bring energy, motivation and comfort. Acting as a physical representation of the sun in our homes.

Orange has a very interesting psychological meaning, as it combines the strength and energy of red with the friendliness and fun of yellow. The mix makes orange a good representation of physical comfort in our warmth, food and shelter.

Whereas pink is a sign of hope. It is a positive colour that inspires warm and comforting feelings, a sense that all will be well. Bring that sense of love and comfort in with something like this Ava Blush Velvet Armchair.

A classic Mid-Century inspired armchair with a modern twist, finished in a beautifully soft blush pink velvet. Perfect for bringing summer hues into your interior, with an added touch of texture.

Try Lighter Woods

If you want to brighten up a space in a more neutral way that is still warming, then bringing in lighter shades of wood can be a great way to do that.

In the summer months, interiors move to being open and airy to invite in the sunshine and the longer days. Woods like oak, birch and mango wood are great at achieving this as they have a light or orange undertone.

Opting for a light wood floor can help to open up a space and amplify the sunshine that you do get. If you’re not looking to redecorate to that extent, simply bring something in like these Darwin Wood Nesting Tables.

made using mahogany solids painted in a timeless taupe colour, complemented by quartered oak parquet inlaid veneers in a natural mellow finish.

Opt For Natural Elements

Building on the above, using light and natural elements into your home immediately creates a sense of summer hues in your interior. The brighter and lighter you choose, the more this simply amplifies and complements the better weather outdoors.

It has been noted by doing so and bringing natural elements indoors that it creates a calming and serene space. You will feel closer to nature and ultimately the outside world that is blooming into summer.

An element we love is bamboo.In recent years, bamboo has become a popular material because it’s more sustainable than plastic. Bamboo is not only one of the most eco-friendly materials, but also one of the most versatile.

Try a style like this Mirai Natural Floor Lamp for a style that will suit any interior, offering light in the warm summer evenings. 

Reflect And Open A Space

Mirrors are a great way to amplify and boost summer hues that you already have incorporated to your home space. Reflective surfaces from metallics to mirrors and even glass can have an effect on opening and brightening a space for the summer months.

A large mirror makes a room look larger because it creates an illusion of depth. It tricks the eye into thinking there is more space than there really is. The optical illusion occurs as the mirror reflects light and colour across the room. Our eyes perceive the bouncing reflections as increased volume, making the room look bigger.

Try a style like this Bryndle Wood Mirror for a piece that will open up your decor while also bringing in the natural wooden elements we mentioned before.

This piece features a natural mindy wood frame with a stunning inlaid parquet-style design. The lightly brushed finish recreates the natural ageing effect. With its classy design and subtle finish, it offers versatile style that would suit a wide range of interiors.

Bring New Shades With A Rug

Another style that is easy to incorporate on a short term basis is something like a rug. With a new rug for summer, you can bring in summer hues without having to commit to them when winter comes back around.

For summer you want to stay with warming ang golden hues, ones that marry with the colours outside to amplify the sun coming in. We love this Aurora Abstract Rug in Gold for a sumptuous and elevated feel.

Aurora rugs offer a lustrous pile with abstract patterns and neutral colour tones that work wonderfully with any interior.