Interior Refresh Spring Edit

Breathe some fresh air into your living space with the turn of the season, from spring cleaning to simply adding a touch of new.

As the cold weather dissipates and spring begins to rear its head, we want to transform our homes from the cosy escape it’s been for the past few months. Instead, we want a bright, airy and colourful space.

So here’s how to add a few pieces here and there to see your home ready for the new season. Just add sunshine.

Add Some Colour

With the arrival of spring comes the arrival of colour in the outside world. So bring a touch of that colour indoors to help welcome the new season indoors.

Accessorise with your interior and bring in accent colours with cushions, rugs and bedding. Typical for this time of year, we love florals but equally any rich hues will work. A style like this Kelim Red Stripe cushion is perfect for doing just that.

Hand stitched to the highest quality, this piece is made in a Kelim style. Flat-woven in a style often found across the middle eastern world.

This brings a touch of sunshine to your interior, with the bright hues and style of warmer climes. This flat-weave style is perfect to take you through summer, with the lack of pile offering comfort without feeling too plush for warmer days.

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Organise With Wood

Beyond simply wanting to add a touch of newness to your decor, spring is the season to refresh. Spring cleaning can mean helping to organise certain spaces, and bring a sense of wellbeing.

When opting for a piece to use to organise, opt for something that helps to brighten and open up a space. Tidying a room can help to open up a room, but the furniture piece will remain a focal point.

So choose something wooden, such as this Solid Oak Wardrobe.

Using natural elements like oak helps to bring the indoors in, helping to bridge the gap to the outdoor space. Hinting at the spring in your decor, using lighter wood to open the space.

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A Touch Of Statement

Welcome in the new season by adding a touch of statement to your home decor. Organise your space but add a touch of something extra along with it.

Add some curved lines and help to arrange your space with something like this Avantis Marble And Gold Trolley.

Prepare for sunny evenings and aperitivo time with this piece. Adding a true decadent statement in gold and marble, this will help to organise and display glasses, bottles and any other accessory.

Create A Work Space

For those of us who thought working from home was a short term solution, as we enter three years since it became the norm, see the start of the spring season be the time to organise your work space.

Whether you have a work space for yourself or simply work on the dining room table, reinvent your at home office with the arrival of spring. Spending up to eight hours a day in one space, it’s a corner of our home that deserves some love.

We love this Albert Desk in Walnut for a work space that is both chic and practical.

The ornate legs bring an opulent detail to a work space, while the drawers provide space for important documents or stationary to be organised and easily accessed.

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Accentuate The Light

One thing that spring brings is longer days and washing your home in sunlight. So use pieces in your home that help to accentuate and make the most of the sunshine.

For smaller rooms or ones that are darker, this is a particularly good method. However, it can be a great addition to any room for the new season. Try a simple style such as this Bryndle Wood Wall Mirror.

It creates an illusion of depth. It tricks the eye into thinking there is more space than there really is. The optical illusion occurs as the mirror reflects light and colour across the room.

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Turn To The Natural

A key trend for the moment that marries well with the new season is the use of natural materials, from wood to bamboo.

With a Scandinavian or Japandi feel, using natural materials in your home decor is the way to bring the outdoors in. Perfect for the time of year, it creates a timeless feel and will see your interior full of items to serve you for a lifetime, not merely a season.

Try a style like this Wren Bamboo And Linen floor lamp.


This handmade bamboo and natural linen floor light is perfect for bringing organic textures and a warming ambience into your home. Helping to diffuse lights and bring a warm glow to your space.

With a nod to boho interiors this beautiful floor lamp is finished with sleek black steel legs. A chic addition to bedrooms, living rooms and home offices.

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Revamp your home interiors this spring with Shabby, with new homeware pieces to brightly hued accessories.