How to create a neutral living room

Combine the delicate and timeless neutrals against the audacious world of glamour for a truly bespoke abode. Now more than ever, neutrals are in focus because of their soothing attributes for a calm haven to retreat to after hectic routines. Just add opulent accessories and indulge in luxury with an at home hotel boutique experience.

Read our neutral glam buying guide and follow our steps on how to add elegant hotel touches and elevate your home into an exclusive penthouse.

Tones that pair well with neutral schemes

Firstly, start with a colour scheme that fits the tone of the room. The warmer the tone, the more inviting and soothing the space appears. Warmer hues like blush, creams and taupes create a perfect canvas for a spacious and calm atmosphere. Pair with complementary tones with the same warmth and depth like gold, soft marble and metallic bronze

Start your canvas by choosing a primary colour for your room that will be the colour for your dominant furniture like sofas and tables. For this example we will be using white. Take our Cream Upholstered Sofa and match with the same almond tones with our Cheshire Sideboard and our alabaster Mia Full Length Antique Mirror.

How to add textures

The next step is to add in textures, as it adds more depth, dimension and visual interest. Choose 2-3 elements to add enough contrast, but keep the harmony intact between each element.

Start with furniture that combines the primary colour, and a contrast detail like our shiny Abigail Side Tables. Next, choose two mixed textiles for a more tactile impression that balances one another. 

To break with our white primary colour, choose cooler and rugged accents like our Cement Apple and Pear and our Terrazzo Wall Clock with stone and concrete surfaces that adds a modern feel, whilst aligning to the golden accents from the marble table that fits the warm tones of the off-white and adds a nice secondary colour. 

How to add accent colours

For the final touches add an accent colour that accounts for 10% of the remaining colours of the room. It’s a perfect opportunity to play with new colours and add some final touches like cushions, ginger jars or vases. Staying true to the neutral yet luxurious theme add our glamorous Beige Glittery Shaggy Cushion in the sofa corner for a soft landing combined with some luxurious Brown Pampas Grass and rest on our Natural Tufted Footstool with a rustic edge. 

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