How to save money on energy bills for colder seasons

As we are heading towards a financial recession, with rising energy bills on the horizon, finding smart ways of keeping warm and comfortable is essential to avoid large energy costs during colder seasons to keep warm and carry on.

In fact, investing first in warm staple pieces like dense and heat retaining fabrics does not only give your house a homely and snug atmosphere, but saves high heating costs later. Insulating the home with furniture traps and retains your heat longer than using central heating that only temporarily warms the surrounding air of a room that comes with a high price tag. 

Discover our best kept secrets on how decorating your home strategically will help you stay cosy during cooler seasons, whilst cutting financial corners.

How do I insulate my home? 

When the inevitable cooler seasons meet us, we will need to find ways to stay warm, and starting with insulating areas where cool air might seep in like windows, flooring and walls with curtains, rugs and wallpaper.

Start with the floor using rugs that fit your space. Using a rug helps trapping any cool air underneath the floorboards from seeping up and protects floorboards from the use of time. For cost per wear, rugs lifespan on average is between 5 to 10 years and often longer, depending on its composition, reducing your energy bills up to 10%. 

From our most classic styles to our statement rugs, start with our Faux Fur Sheepskin Shaggy Rug or our Royal Nomadic Rugs for a rustic scandi atmosphere with shaggy thick fabrics. 

Royal nomadic colour range

Need more glamour? Level up with our large Aurora rug collection loomed from jacquard metallic threading in geometric prints with silver sheens to abstract marble patterns with gold threading, with a thick pile of yarn that is as soft as it is hard wearing. 

How do I keep the bedroom warm?

Another factor is considering the bedroom, as it is where we spend over 33% of our lives making it one of the most important spaces of our home. Many often find the bedroom to get particularly breezy during colder nights, so moving the bed away from windows and starting with a thick rug is a good starting point. 

Next, Adding a quilt to your bed will help contain the heat from the bed and has similar weight and fullness as a weighted blanket, but with the added advantage of having more structure and volume. The heavier layers will keep you warm and give the bed a plumper and more elegant look. 

Consider our range of Halo quilts in this season's colour scheme in earthy muted colours like beige and blush browns to deep teal and amber orange. Crafted in 100% polyester, these quilts are resistant to sunlight and microorganisms and perfectly retain their shapes without any wrinkles made to last saving the need to turn on the radiators. 

What fabrics are good to heat my house? 

Lastly, fill drafty nooks and corners of your rooms with plush pillows, throws and blankets. The key here is to prioritise thicker fabrics that are dense like polyester, fleece, velvet or faux fur. 

These fabrics have raised piling surfaces that keeps body heat trapped between fibres and also blocks cold air out and keeps you warmer than traditional wool keeping you comfortable. 

Take your sofa corner or armchair and start with plush cushions like our Faux Fur Cushions or Shaggy Cushions, drape our Silver Grey Kilburn & Scott Faux Fur Throw and complete with a hot chocolate in our Double Walled Mug Set.

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