How To Accessorise And Transform Your Outdoor Space

How To Accessorise And Transform Your Outdoor Space

With the weather warming up and summer just around the corner, this is the perfect time of year to rethink your outdoor space. A few small additions from furniture to accessories can transform your outdoor space.

No matter how big or small, make your outdoor space an oasis to enjoy. A garden or balcony can be often overlooked, but make it an extended part of your interior. 

Bring some joy into the space making it a perfect hosting and relaxing area, with a few of our favourite pieces.

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Bring In A Dining Area

When the sun is shining, there’s nothing quite like eating al fresco to catch bask in the midday sun or catch the last rays of the setting sun.

Spending more time outdoors can reduce heart rate, blood pressure which in turn lowers stress hormones and eases muscle tension. Eating outdoors has been proven to boost your mood which ultimately leads to improvements in attention, memory and concentration.

For a larger space, host BBQs to intimate dinners with something like the Sherwood Dining Set.

This set is crafted from all weather rattan, and the chairs have luxurious showerproof cushions. This is a perfect seasonal dining set that can withstand the outdoors.

If you have a smaller space to work with, it’s wiser to opt for a smaller dining set, to not overcrowd what you’re working with. A style that is smaller but gives you the best of both worlds is the Martina Round Extending Table.

Designed in a mediterranean style, the Martina is crafted from a sustainable, eucalyptus wood that is naturally resistant to moisture and offers durability.

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Try Some Seating

Nothing makes a space more inviting than creating some nooks and crannies where you can lounge to sunbathe, read or whatever your heart desires.

Bring in some extra seating spaces to make the most of every corner of your outdoor space and see it transformed.

Try a style that is more lounging to bring that extra spot of comfort to your back garden. It can be inviting to transform your outdoor space and see you spend much more time there when the weather calls for it. We love the Sussex Rattan reclining armchair and footstool for the best of all worlds. 

With this rattan style with coated cushions and rattan for all-weather, choose your level of comfort. Sit up and use it as a standard armchair or recline, and put your feet up while you’re at it.

For an outside seating option that is less for relaxing but lends itself more to socialising while enjoying your garden or balcony space, try a bench. Our favourite? This Allington Outdoor Metal Bench in a distressed white.

This beautiful half tree bench fits around the trunk to provide a comfortable shaded seating area creating a unique focal point in any outdoor space. Made from a sturdy iron metal, see it shine alone as an antique looking piece.

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Add A Rug

A rug is one that isn’t considered for an outside space, due to practicality. However, a specific outdoor rug is ready for adverse weather conditions and can warm up an outside area.

This is an addition to the bigger spaces such as a garden or patio area. Bringing a rug into a space like this can help to add warmth to paved areas that might be cool underfoot. Or simply help to tie together an outside seating area to feel more cohesive.

Our favourite? This Geometric White And Black Rug for a versatile piece that will sit well and transform any outdoor space.

Featuring a stylish flat weave pile, this rug is designed for outdoor use. This piece is power loomed in Belgium from 100% polypropylene. An incredibly durable, stain-resistant, and weatherproof fabric. This makes it a wonderful addition to a garden space.

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Don’t Forget To Accessorise

Whether you’re looking to completely change your garden space or simply want to freshen it up for the new season, don’t overlook the accessories.

As with all aspects of interior design, it’s the little details that elevate a space from good to amazing. This counts for the outdoor space as well. Continue to see your garden or balcony as an extension of your home interior as you transform your outdoor space.

A natural choice for accessorising the outdoor is to highlight the natural elements. Use something like this Round Rattan Wall Shelf to use plants or flowers as your art, mixing with a natural rattan garden accessory.

Functional yet modern, this is an option that is both eco-friendly and a striking feature to your outdoor walls. Making it a perfect choice no matter how big or small your space is.

An option that will bring some design prowess to your space while adding comfort and homeliness is the use of cushions as a key and practical accessory.

Use a style like this Kelim Cushion Cover to add some interest and statement to your outdoor space.

This flatweave style brings colour to contrast and warm up the outdoor space you’re looking to transform. Helping to accentuate the sunshine you’ll be enjoying in your newly transformed outdoor space.