From Picnics to Winter Nights: How to Use Throws Anytime, Anywhere

Staying comfortable throughout the year is essential to create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere at home enjoyed by you and your guests. Whether draped over furniture as a decor element and used to snuggle up on cold evenings, throw blankets are one of the most versatile accessories that adds to any style for any season.

Throw blankets come in all sizes, colours and fabrics to fit all year around, from breathable thin linen throws in the summer and breezy summer evenings to dense fleece throws that keep you warm and toasty during colder months.

Finding the right throw starts with establishing what you are looking for like your preferences, personal style, what fits your home’s colour scheme, and the season to choose the appropriate size and thickness of your throw.

Harper Pom Pom Kilburn & Scott Throw in Cream,H130 x W170 x D1 cm. Shop at

 How do I find the right size throw?

Start with considering the purpose of your throw and what size will be appropriate.Our small throws start at 130x150 cm like our Checked Fleece Blanket and go all the way up to 140 x 230 cm like our Halo Bedding quilt. 

Smaller throws are most versatile and optimal for travelling and any on the go activities. Use our Checked Fleece Blanket as your picnic base for warm summer days and take a Fleece Throws with piled layers to wrap yourself in on breezy camping trips, aeroplane travels or as a cinema accessory.

Throws are also a perfect accessory to elevate and protect your furniture. Choose a throw that is longer to drape over a chair, like our Hepburn Throw or go shorter and wider to  dress a sofa with our Morland Throws by Kilburn & Scott

Shabby Throws Size Chart: Halo Throw 140x240 cm, Checked Fleece Throw (large) 180x230 cm, Hepburn & Plush Charcoal Throw 130x180 cm,  Kilburn & Scott Checked Moorland &  Scandi Throws 140 x 170 cm, Checked Fleece Throw (small) 130x150 cm.

Spring and summer throws 

British Tartan

Our top pick from our throw collection is our traditional tartan throws inspired by the Scottish highlands. Tartan has long been considered one of the most iconic British patterns, and adds a nostalgic yet colourful touch to your spring interior and through cooler months in front of the fireplace.

For a classic monochrome look start with our warm Check Throw Blankets in brown and black in a soft lightweight polyester that is affordable and easy to clean and maintain. For a more refined look, consider our favourite Scandi inspired Haworth Throws with interlocking check print in a soft and rustic mohair fabric or our Moorland Check Blanket with a thick reversible fleece lining.

Haworth Check Faux Mohair Throws, Shabby.

British Tartan Throws: Haworth Check Faux Mohair Kilburn & Scott Throw in Blush Pink, Checked Fleece Blanket Throw in Neutral Brown White,  Moorland Checked Kilburn & Scott Throw in Sage Green.

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Natural throws

For lighter and more breathable throw options for warm spring and summer days, consider natural throws, that are breathable and moisture resistant. Some of our top picks include fabrics made of thin merino wool, cotton and linen.

Our favourite Charlotte cotton throw adds some rustic chicness that gives a romantic charm and is compact and easy to grab and go to stay warm for the evenings or our Jora Chevron Wool Throw in a bright orange colour with tassels and chevron pattern for a heavy duty picnic base.

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Autumn and winter throws

If you prefer thicker throws dense fabrics are a must to stay warm and cosy and helps insulate the home during cold autumn and winter months. The key is to use fabrics and throws that retains heat to keep you warmer longer. 

Merino Wool

Merino wool is a sheep’s wool known for being one of the highest quality wool types in the world with a softer and lighter touch than any other woolMerino wool is made from sustainable fibres and is one of the most versatile fabrics that keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, that is perfect for the British climate. 

 Mateo Merino Wool Throw in Natural White. Shop at

 Mateo Merino Wool Throw in Grey, Natural and Natural White

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Chunky Knitted Throws

Finally Chunky Knitted Throws are the chunkiest and thickest throws that are the ultimate comfort throughout autumn and winter and has a denser feeling to it, that gives off a rustic hand-knitted look without any of the additional effort.

For a transitional option, indulge with our Chenille Knit Cable Throw in a delicate Scandi print with a mid-pile density or for a rougher and chunkier texture with our Lilian Houndstooth throw in a traditional pattern and tactile frayed hems.

Chunky Knitted Throws: Lou Chunky Knit Kilburn & Scott Throw in Oatmeal Brown, H130 x W170 x D1 cm.  Shop at

Chunky Knitted Throws: Lilian Houndstooth Kilburn & Scott Throw in Grey Cream H130 x W170 x D1 cm. Chenille Knit Cable Kilburn & Scott Throw in Cream, H130 x W170 x D1 cm.  Lou Chunky Knit Kilburn & Scott Throw in Oatmeal Brown, H130 x W170 x D1 cm.

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