5 Dining Room Trends That Are On The Rise

Your dining room is an interior space you always want to keep looking fresh. It’s a space for hosting that you often will entertain guests in or spend time with family.

So, here are some of our favourite trends that are on the rise for dining room spaces. Small additions that will see your space look rejuvenated and refreshed for the season.

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Dark Wood

With the move away from light and beige interiors, we see the dark wood trend rising in favour of the scandinavian lighter woods which have been reigning supreme for the past few years. Etsy has seen a 337 per cent increase in searches for walnut desks and accessories compared to last year,with all things vintage becoming more and more popular. 

Dark wood has a regal and regency era feel that work well in traditional and modern interiors. It brings warmth and cosiness to a space that can work well in dining room spaces. Creating an inviting space to spend an evening with friends or family. Lending itself to the Regency era, dark woods bring warmth and cosiness into a home, working in both modern and traditional interiors

An understated, luxury feel - try something like this Abbey round dining room table in a walnut hue. 


This stunning dining table offers a sleek contemporary look, combining the darker wooden effect veneer top with elegant black metal legs, whilst chrome feet add the finishing design detail. 

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Part of recent interior trends is to embrace the imperfections, and accepting the beauty in the less than pristine. Which leads us to this dining room trend with mismatching chairs.

Around a dining room table, opt for two or more different styles of chairs that can complement each other. This helps to create visual interest and a mix of shapes in a space, meaning it feels less uniform. It brings a relaxed and interesting personality to a dining room which can uplift a hosting space.

Why not mix the Kearney Oak Chairs with the Winslet Dining Room Chairs


Both these sets of chairs are different, but have elements that help to bring cohesion to a space. While they have different shapes and feel, they tonally match with the same oak wood and grey tones.

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Lengthening Styles

Many interior trends of current day can be linked back to our memories and the effect of lockdown. A start of a hedonistic, why wait attitude to make up for lost time spent with loved ones.

This why wait attitude spreads through to dining room trends, in the resurgence of long tables. If you’re lucky enough to have the space for one, a longer table is a rising trend for obvious reasons. It allows for more people to attend dinner parties and hosting becoming a lavish affair.

So, go all out with a style like this Becklow Black and Gold table in a sleek yet statement style to nail the trend. 


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Art Deco

Many interior designers have predicted this style coming back to mirror the previous century of the roaring 20s - and we are beginning to see it coming through. 

Art deco has a modern feel despite its heritage in design history. It feels timeless and its use of shape and geometry feeds nicely into the soft and curved lines trend we’re seeing all over the interior world right now. 

Art deco is playful and again brings in elements of the fact people want fun in their interiors over neutrals.

A subtle way to try this trend is something like this Grafton Bronze dining table with a rounded glass top.


Exuding simplistic elegance, this piece screams Great Gatsby in the best way possible. A dining room trend that once again invites the idea of hosting parties and having your friends to join you in your home to celebrate. 

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Practical Comfort

This fashion and interior world of trends are always intrinsically linked, and it’s no different with this style. Comfort and aesthetics have overlapped more and more in recent years, with practicality being just as important as the way something looks.

Mid-Century Modern styling calls for every piece to be useful, to bring artistry in through essential furniture. There’s no need for excessive use of art, but bringing sculptures in through your necessary interior pieces. Like with this Adaline Silver Frame Chair.



Make a statement with its stainless steel frame featuring angular legs and open oval back in the rich silver finish. The black velvet padded seat adds to the chair’s practicality and counterpoints the luxe lines and contours of the elegant frame.

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Discover what dining room trend you want to try, and shop all of our dining room furniture here.